Remote capability is a requirement in 2021. If you’re not up to speed by October 2020, you’ll fail. It’s a fact.

This post aged well.

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Happy to assist any companies/managers/employees on working from home efficiently. I’ve been doing this for years already, for both economic and environmental reasons.


Let me know if you need some help. 2021 will be the new era of working from home, it will be normal, don’t be left behind. Your company will not be looked at by the upcoming generation if you do not have the permanent remote capability. It’s a fact.

►Working from home:

● Better for the environment

● Safer Roads

● WAY Fewer Expenses (for both companies and employees)

● A feeling of connection and trust – this leads to better loyalty 100%

● Makes use of all the new technological capabilities

● Provides a platform for better morale

● Allows people to work to live instead of living to work

I’m calling it now; if you do not have Remote Capability in effect by October 2020, in 2021 your company will not find excellent new talent. Go ahead and look at my past posts. I have been correct on all of my predictions since I made this account. Check time stamps if you please, I say it Before #Forbes, before #Businessweek, #businessinsider, then all of a sudden they post articles about what I’ve been saying for months in advance. Get it here first, stay ahead of the changes.






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