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  • Quantum spacetime on a quantum simulator October 18, 2019
    Quantum simulation plays an irreplaceable role in diverse fields, beyond the scope of classical computers. In a recent study, Keren Li and an interdisciplinary research team at the Center for Quantum Computing, Quantum Science and Engineering and the Department of Physics and Astronomy in China, U.S. Germany and Canada. Experimentally simulated spin-network states by simulating […]
  • Surfing on waves in a one-dimensional quantum liquid October 18, 2019
    Physicists from the University of Luxembourg, together with international collaborators, have recently published an article in the internationally renowned journal Physical Review Letters. In this article, they demonstrate how quantum-mechanical interference effects could allow experimenters to better study the properties of particles trapped in quantum liquids via resonances in the absorption spectrum.
  • Blanket of light may give better quantum computers October 17, 2019
    Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theories of natural science, and although its predictions are often counterintuitive, not a single experiment has been conducted to date of which the theory has not been able to give an adequate description.
  • Weaving quantum processors out of laser light October 17, 2019
    An international team of scientists from Australia, Japan and the United States has produced a prototype of a large-scale quantum processor made of laser light.
  • Cryptography without using secret keys October 16, 2019
    Most security applications, for instance, access to buildings or digital signatures, use cryptographic keys that must at all costs be kept secret. That also is the weak link: Who will guarantee that the key doesn't get stolen or hacked? Using a physical unclonable key (PUK), which can be a stroke of white paint on a […]
  • Scientists discover method to create and trap trions at room temperature October 16, 2019
    Trions consist of three charged particles bound together by very weak bonding energy. Although trions can potentially carry more information than electrons in applications such as electronics and quantum computing, trions are typically unstable at room temperature, and the bonds between trion particles are so weak that they quickly fall apart. Most research on trions […]
  • Solving the mystery of quantum light in thin layers October 16, 2019
    When a current is applied to a thin layer of tungsten diselenide, it begins to glow in a highly unusual fashion. In addition to ordinary light, which other semiconductor materials can emit, tungsten diselenide also produces a very special type of bright quantum light, which is created only at specific points of the material. It […]
  • Quantum physics: Ménage à trois photon-style October 16, 2019
    Entanglement is one of the properties specific to quantum particles. When two photons become entangled, for instance, the quantum state of the first will correlate perfectly with the quantum state of the second, even if they are at a distance from one another. But what happens when three pairs of entangled photons are placed in […]
  • Dynamic pattern of skyrmions observed October 15, 2019
    Cu2OSeO3 is a material with unusual magnetic properties. Magnetic spin vortices known as skyrmions are formed within a certain temperature range when in the presence of a small external magnetic field. Currently, moderately low temperatures of around 60 Kelvin (-213 degrees Celsius) are required to stabilise their phase, but it appears possible to shift this […]
  • Diversity may be key to reducing errors in quantum computing October 15, 2019
    In quantum computing, as in team building, a little diversity can help get the job done better, computer scientists have discovered.