Many of my clients are agencies or companies that wish to retain all rights to work I have provided, and as such, there are NDA agreements in place. Well over 1000 projects have been completed.

Website, Graphics

“I hired Brian to help with rebranding our website, among other IT-related work. He has a “CAN-DO” attitude which is top notch. Brian is also very responsive when I call, and always seems to know exactly what my needs are. I would highly recommend his work!”

Website And Social Media

“We have used Brian for over 10 years to handle our web design and social media design. He is easy to work with, very capable, and responsive. “

Website Design

“Brian was hired as a consultant to develop a website. Brian proved to so capable that he became more of a business partner. We expanded his responsibility to assist in marketing and create other marketing resources. Brian will contribute 200% on all projects. I would recommend Brian to any and all. Please do not hesitate if I can be of any further assistance. Jeff Managing Director “

Website Design

“It is hard to fully explain the wonderful and professional service I received from Brian in the development of my on-line presence and gallery of my work. I can say that his design for my site is more than I could ever have hoped for. I did not realize that when I hired Brian to create this site that he would not only present me with a beautiful site but also expand every aspect of my understanding of how best to market and grasp the nuances and power of what an on-line presence could represent to me, my business and my ability to reach out to the world with my art. He has gone way beyond the technical skills of a developer and has become an integral part of my success and mentor as I grow my world wide presence. “