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The American Pastime, Our Dream Website – A Camping Gear Store

My wife and I launched our dream website – a camping gear store website. We really want to open a local camping gear store, but with limited capital that is difficult – so we have set out to live out the dream by using e-commerce to fund our overall plan of opening a brick and mortar camping store. We are excited to launch as of November 1, 2018.

Something We Can Pass Down to our Kids

We are creating a camping gear store we can pass down to our kids and ultimately have them run once they are able. Once the foundation is put in place, their understanding of the business develops, and they are able to manage the ins and outs, the sky will be the limit. My wife and I spoke about doing something like this for quite some time, something that will get me away from the PC for a bit, something that we can build and achieve as a family.

This camping gear store is Only The Surface

This venture is still primitive, we have many large plans and technologies to implement. With time, investment, and work we will be able to build quite a unique experience for our customers and the business. We are open to ideas, new concepts, new products and possibilities for this business. We welcome innovators and investors to what we are working on. If you feel you can contribute to our business, please let us know here.

Thank You for Checking Out CampingGear.US

We are thrilled you know about our business, and we will do everything we can to ensure a positive experience with our Camping Gear store. Feel free to comment, reach out, and share. We are excited to bring this to you.

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