I have 2 client slots open at the moment. Current clients – I’m still available.

I have restructured my workflow a bit to incorporate making more music, which my previous 80+ hours a week did not allow. I have streamlined the process for web building, page building and optimization. Basically – I now can do what I used to do in a tenth of the time.

If you need to reach me while the new pages are built please email me at me@briansgagne.com

Thanks for all of the support and understanding during the restructure, you are awesome!

If you are a past client and would like to be placed on the new system, please reach out and I’ll get you set up. No coding needed, visual drag and drop interface, social media automation and of course, auto-seo for local markets is still the core fundamentals. The real change is in the functionality, interface, add-ons and deployment, which if you already have a site by me, nothing changes, unless you want access to the updated functions. If you do want access, I will get it setup for you. I do have to charge for the new services, because unlike the system in place before, this one relies on added monthly cost to me. It will make your website faster, expand your platforms ability for drag and drop simplicity, and add a whole bunch of training video to help you get to where you want to be without the email back and forth.

As always, my sites and client sites all use Google Analytics. While I do work with data aggregation companies as a service for clients who want to send post cards, follow relevant accounts on social media, or reach out by email, I do not personally collect or aggregate data outside of google analytics basic functions. This may change soon, I might shut off analytics – If I do, the accounts will be given directly to the clients who wish to continue using it, and it will be removed from my analytics account. I find little benefit to it aside from finding bad links, under-performing landing pages, and discovering areas of opportunity within a market. Since I have been doing this for over 10 years now, and have automated the process, I am not sure I’ll still need it. I already know what works and what doesn’t, and I have a different method available for scanning for broken links. I’m more inclined to simply disregard analytics, adwords, and other ad platforms altogether and just do what I’ve always done without it – make nice sites for clients at a low cost, and help their business be seen by those needing their services.

To learn more, simply reach out via email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions, hear any suggestions, and blacklist any spam.