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Your job is going to be replaced by AI.

It’s nearly a guarantee that most jobs will eventually be overtaken by AI, but who is going to be replaced first? Let’s take a look and see if your job is going to be replaced by AI.

How fast that happens will depend on a few things:

Is your job repetitive? Your job is going to be replaced by AI first.

Does your job require an individual or customized approach for clients? Your job is going to be replaced by AI second.

Is your job in technology? Your job is going to be replaced by AI third.

If you answered yes to any of these, your job is going to be replaced by AI. The number one reason your job is going to be replaced by AI is efficiency, the second reason is cost, and the third is time.

Here’s why these roles will be replaced by AI:

Repetitive task job? Your job is going to be replaced by AI.

Repetition is inefficient by humans, and a machine can and does handle more volume than a human. I don’t think this is news to anyone. Repetitive task jobs are going to be replaced by AI.

The jobs that are generally viewed as safe from AI is client-facing or customized approach positions, but this is a false sense of security for a few reasons:

In order to properly evaluate the best-case scenario and management of a custom project relies on 3 key points, time, cost, and quality. All three of these areas are not a challenge to automatons – the factor that tends to be viewed as safe from AI is the human handshake – but from a business standpoint, a handshake is only as good as the promise and delivery that handshake guarantees. When all three of those areas; time, cost, and quality, are automated, AI is strongly suited much better to create that firm handshake, even if it is virtual. The company buying the service is guaranteed all three of those promises, and since all potential issues can be programmatically calculated and risk is integrated into pricing flawlessly, cost becomes reduced since the guesswork is out of the equation. This will affect sales, project management, and finance on a major scale, effectively removing the need for a company to hire any of these positions, which in turn, makes those services cost next to nothing, and become more easily available to all clients with all budgets.

If your job is on technology, sorry, you’re going to be looking for work. Nearly all fields of technology are based on logic, reason, and quality. All of these traits can be automated.

The future of human employment is purely creative. Start learning to paint, play an instrument, or better yet, patent code purchased or programmed yourself that can be manipulated and quantified.

How do you make the quantifiable code? It can be done. Whenever you create code, make sure the answer to a problem can be logically reached via a variable, and allow more than one variable to accept some additional input. I’ll cover this further in another post, feel free to subscribe to be notified when it is comprehensive enough in layman terms, I try to write technical truths in an easy to understand way for people who are not techies to understand it. Let me know how I’m doing!






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