There are some basic questions I am asked often, I’d like to display common answers here for simplicity.

Domain Name: ~$10/yr

Hosting: ~$29/month

It costs whatever your budget is. If you want a website but only have 50 bucks for a budget, you can’t get a custom website – you can buy a theme but you’ll be limited to that theme. Custom websites are anywhere from $300 – $1M+. It all depends on what goes into the design, and what functions are required. You should have at least $1000 in your budget to comfortably build a site.

There are thousands of reasons a website might not rank well on google. Here are some resources to lead you towards asking the right questions:

Here are the 3 most important components to livestream a video game:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Graphics Card – I’d suggest a minimum of a 900 series NVIDIA, and no less than the RX580 if you choose AMD. You should expect to spend anywhere from $300 to $1500 on a decent card.
  3. CPU – I’d suggest a minimum of an i5 intel, or Ryzen5 AMD

You want to have about 20% overhead when you live stream at any bitrate. This means your PC should be at ~80% usage when you are actively live streaming. This allows for buffering, and keeps your local gameplay smooth while sending a constant stream to the audience.

Your internet connection should be at least 50 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload to the machine that is live streaming the content for 1080p.

720p – 35 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.

480p – 25 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload.

360p – 15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

Logitech C920 is pretty good, but if you want 4k go with Blackmagic.

I’m an audio enthusiast, and as such, I am going to go with the XLR/Preamp suggestion. It just sounds better. Untrained ears won’t know the difference however, pick based on your budget / what you wish to accomplish. If you are doing regular audio recording of videos or music, do not get a USB mic. If you are just live streaming a video game, even just the mic on your headset is sufficient. USB microphones are fine, middle of the road solutions. If you are spending more than $99, just get an audio interface and a regular microphone. If you are staying under $99, USB is fine.