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  • Researchers make android child's face strikingly more expressive November 16, 2018
    Japan's affection for robots is no secret. But is the feeling mutual in the country's amazing androids? Roboticists are now a step closer to giving androids greater facial expressions to communicate with.
  • Development of a humanoid robot prototype, HRP-5P, capable of heavy labor November 16, 2018
    Researchers have developed a humanoid robot prototype, HRP-5P, intended to autonomously perform heavy labor or work in hazardous environments.
  • How to dance to a synthetic band November 16, 2018
    Music plays an important role in most people's lives regardless of the genre and in a wide variety of contexts from celebrations and parties to simply providing background while a task is being performed. Until very recently, music was only heard when musicians played it live, the ability to record music displaced that live performance […]
  • Nepal's first robot waiter is ready for orders November 15, 2018
    "Please enjoy your meal," says Nepal's first robot waiter, Ginger, as she delivers a plate of steaming dumplings to a table of hungry customers.
  • Robots in sewers will save society millions November 14, 2018
    In the future the country's sewer systems will be inhabited by surveillance robots. Using robots, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), a new Danish research project will save hundreds of millions of kroner on maintaining sewers.
  • Robots as carers? First we need to assess the pros and cons November 9, 2018
    If you have seen science fiction television series such as Humans or Westworld, you might be imagining a near future where intelligent, humanoid robots play an important role in meeting the needs of people, including caring for children or older relatives.
  • Cargill robot moves cattle herds with less stress, more safety October 31, 2018
    Meet the world's first cowboy robot. It does not look like something from Hollywood or Silicon Valley.
  • The smallest steerable catheter October 30, 2018
    Scientists have developed a very small magnetic steerable catheter for minimally invasive surgery. Thanks to its variable stiffness, surgeons can perform more complex movements inside the body with a lower risk of injury to the patient.
  • Good news for immersive journalism: Look at your audience October 25, 2018
    Immersive journalism uses virtual reality (VR) to put the viewer directly into a news event. But how can you help someone to personally engage and interact with a story, when they cannot alter the narrative?
  • Industrial robots increase wages for employees October 22, 2018
    In addition to increasing productivity, the introduction of industrial robots has increased wages for the employees. At the same time, industrial robots have also changed the labour market by increasing the number of job opportunities for highly skilled employees, while opportunities for low-skilled employees are declining.