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  • How to explore inaccessible places by swarms of sensors May 22, 2019
    Since the dawn of humankind, exploration of certain places, ranging from the depths of the oceans to the edges of the universe, has led to numerous discoveries. However, there are also several environments that need to be examined but can't be directly observed, like chemical or nuclear reactors, underground water or oil distribution pipes, space […]
  • Insect behavior, miniature blimps may unlock the key to military swarming technology May 15, 2019
    Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory flew a fleet of 30 miniature autonomous blimps in unison to test the swarming behavior of autonomous systems. The blimps responded to each other while in flight and responded to changing conditions.
  • The revolution of plantoids May 10, 2019
    Robots are usually inspired by humans and animals. But the next frontier is plantoids, plant robots that move and explore the environment with smart sensors. Researcher Barbara Mazzolai has been developing plantoid technology.
  • Does artificial intelligence deserve the same ethical protections we give to animals? May 9, 2019
    In the HBO show Westworld, robots designed to display emotion, feel pain, and die like humans populate a sprawling western-style theme park for wealthy guests who pay to act out their fantasies. As the show progresses, and the robots learn more about the world in which they live, they begin to realize that they are […]
  • Six ways robots are used today that you probably didn't know about May 6, 2019
    How many times in the past week do you think your life was affected by a robot?
  • Dreams of ubiquitous social robots still aren't coming true April 30, 2019
    Hopes that the tech industry was on the cusp of rolling personal robots into homes are dimming now that several once-promising consumer robotics companies have shut down.
  • Be wary of robot emotions; 'simulated love is never love' April 26, 2019
    When a robot "dies," does it make you sad? For lots of people, the answer is "yes"—and that tells us something important, and potentially worrisome, about our emotional responses to the social machines that are starting to move into our lives.
  • It's 2019 – where's my supersuit? April 25, 2019
    I loved the "Thundercats" cartoon as a child, watching cat-like humanoids fighting the forces of evil. Whenever their leader was in trouble, he'd unleash the Sword of Omens to gain "sight beyond sight," the ability to see events happening at faraway places, or bellow "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, Hooo!" to instantaneously summon his allies to […]
  • Assistive robot learns to feed April 25, 2019
    About a million Americans with injury or age-related disabilities need someone to help them eat. Now NIBIB funded engineers have taught a robot the strategies needed to pick up food with a fork and gingerly deliver it to a person's mouth.
  • FedEx Office's new bots can deliver pizza, groceries or even bring chicken noodle soup to the sick April 17, 2019
    FedEx Office is adding a new kind of worker in North Texas: A robot that can deliver a hot pepperoni pizza, a bag of groceries or a prescription to a customer's home. The bot could bring a swab for a strep test to a sick person's door and return hours later with medication, cough drops […]