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Brian Gagne, Skills Matrix

Staff and Client Training
Project Management
Digital Media
Web Design
After Effects
Video Editing
Social Media
Live Video Streaming
Voice Acting
Voice Narration
Music Composition
Social Media
E-Mail Design

Social Media Ad

Here is an example of a video I shared on social media during a promotion as I began working on with Dunn Data Co. The advertisement served as a cross-marketing campaign to enable their business an opportunity into the smaller business sector. The majority of their clients are enterprise level, but due to my understanding of their business model, technology, and market, I was able to create an avenue into the smaller markets that they would not typically target without adding cost to their operation and marketing structure. It served as a mutually beneficial revenue stream.


Brian has worked with us on several website development projects, setting up an intranet, and general tech support on design issues. He is responsive, creative, and professional. We have worked with him for many years and continue to use his services.

Charles Jennings - Treasurer

As a client of Brian Gagne, I have contracted him to perform high-end website design. I have worked with him for almost 8 years. He works closely with me to gather information about requirements and produces solid design; He is also very responsive to feedback. Brian is very motivated, consultative, and proactive. He created effective messaging for landing pages, and the quality of his work is consistent across all browsers and platforms.

Tristi Nichols - President

“I engaged Brian to create a website for Dunn Data. He delivered a website and promotional vehicle at a fraction of market pricing. He was able to grasp the overall and exacting specifics of the data industry. He was creative and professional in every step of the way from from holding our hands and creating a true partnership. Based on our experience Brian will not be our web developer but an ongoing partner in our sales process and managing our social media promotions. We look forward to a long and fruitful ongoing relationship and partnership with Brian.”

Jeffrey Wiener - Vice President

Great feeling to work with, it was quick and of great quality

Rajivis - Project Coordinator

Brian was AWESOME! He helped put together a video montage project and was great to work with, followed directions perfectly, and added a few creative touches that made the end product far exceed expectations. Brian is great technically AND really cares about his clients and their projects. I highly recommend you work with Brian!

JenDawson88 - Client


Dynadel - Computer Repair Technician

A+++ Work. Would hire again.

ASmolkin - Project Coordinator

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